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Chasing the Greased Pig


If any of you have ever been to a rodeo or "old fashion" state fair, one of the more fruitless but entertaining events is when the judges pour lard or oil on one or more porkers and set kids or (worse yet) adults to the task of trying the catch the animal.  

We have the pig running around in circles, avoiding capture and frustrating contestants.  At the end of the event, everybody is exhausted, dirty and laughing.  Yes, it's pointless.

Not so much a laughing matter but equally pointless is the behavior of our two favorite state agencies, Department of Health and Department of Fish and Wildlife.


In the true "spirit of Inslee" DOH has raised its registration fees by over double to allow for better "emphasis inspections and compliance"  Gold Coast recently had such an inspection which resulted in an abortive and contentious invasion of our plant and no record left of the visit or inspection until we brought the trespass to account. Where the inspectors justified in what they were the doing - yes. Was anything accomplished? No.  Was there a health problem?  None.

WDFW (aka "Fish and Feathers" visited one of our clients to perform a "beach check" and, operating on incorrect information, and a misunderstanding of property line boundaries, impounded several thousand dollars worth of our oysters and beach owners' beach rental revenue.  This issue is still in progress, but calls to WDFW management to account for resolution of the problem are being ignored.

So yes, we run around in circles, grunting and squealing, with no progress and no results!

Accountability is a "slippery" slope!



Invasion of the Green Crab


The European green crab, Carcinus maenas, has arrived on the shores of Washington State. This recently-introduced exotic species has the potential for great destruction. Green crabs can disperse over large areas and have serious adverse effects on fisheries and aquaculture; their impacts include the possibility of altering the biodiversity of ecosystems.


We bring this to your attention as it appears this destructive critter has spread from Grays Harbor and Willipa Bay to Puget Sound inland waters.



When the green crab was first discovered in Washington State in 1998, the state provided funds to immediately begin monitoring and control efforts in both the Puget Sound region and along Washington's coast.


Learn more about early detection, monitoring and volunteer opportunities here: 


Sea Grant Volunteers








Our Thanks, Our Thanksgiving, Our Blessing:


Here at Gold Coast we want to take a moment and recognize the many things we take for granted.  First is all is our appreciation of you  beach owners and readers that help support us and our business mission.  Despite our somewhat "progressive" repressive state government, we live in the greatest country in the world.  We are thankful for the bounty and beauty of our area of the world.  This holiday season we pause to consider that we cannot take this for granted but must work hard every day to become great stewards of what nature gives us.


My general manager, Bill Allen, and I will work diligently to maintain the integrity of the business and your private property rights.  This right is being threatened from all sides, and we will keep you informed on what you can do to help us as we move into 2017.


May you and yours have a wonderful New Year!


Scott Grout

Gold Coast Oyster




They're at it again!


November 5th was just another very successful year for Elliott's oysterfest (New Year).  Brad Bodley and Bill Allen certainly attracted the appitites of the best of the best oyster lovers.



http://files.constantcontact.com/b7070fb1101/6f9f95ad-949d-4cdd-9864-26a20bd18027.jpg"Love that briny taste"


And it goes to a great cause..seriously!




Puget Sound Restoration Fund





You just can't beat the taste of those Gold Creek brand oysters!






It's All About Relationships 


Earlier this fall we had the pleasure of welcoming a wonderful family from "down under", in Bomaderry, Australia.  Keith and Helen Lierz visited with us for three days.  Bill had seen their country about 12 years ago, and looks forward to another return. Scott showed them all about shellfish and target shooting at the Brinnon facility.  What a blast!




From left are Nolan and Riley with their friend Angus (wish I could package his Aussie accent!), Keith, Scott, Helen and Bill.



Doing it Right!


The Columbia River Salmon Fishery proves, once again what can happen when there is collaboration and cooperation to protect a valued resource, king salmon.  Washington and Oregon tribes that border the river work carefully to manage an excellent and growing fishery that protects the tribes, sportsfishermen, and the resource.  


When the courts force feed "usual and accustomed" to the exclusion of everybody's interests, you have selfish contenciousness and a declining resource which we see all too often in Hood Canal and Puget Sound.


On the other hand, when there is commitment to making it better for future generations, rather than an attitude of "I, me, and mine", good things happen, as evidenced by this nice fattie Bill picked up this fall. 













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