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Late winter and early spring oyster sampling.
Bill Allen, our General Manager approves that fresh briny taste!


The Big Bend Affair


Over the last winter the area of Hood Canal, referred to as "Big Bend" was subject to closures and is now classified as "conditionally approved" for harvest of shellfish.  This is not good news for stakeholders in the industry or beachowners
 that are now identified within the boundaries of the restricted area.  Gold Coast has been active in all the meetings that Mason County health (in concert with State of Washington Department of Health) have been sponsoring to address the cause, effect, and go forward of this condition.


See the link below for a map of this classified area as well as the meeting minutes.


Big Bend Project



Gold Coast has been concerned for some time about the health of this area.  During the winter opinions and theories abounded in terms of where the contamination
 was coming from.  Our concern had to do with the commercial operations in that area, and Mason County health has grant funds to test and evaluate the area designate


Part of our quest had to do with Alderbrook Resort which is the commercial operation with the biggest potential footprint on this matter.


So, by invitation we recently met with Brian McGuinness, general manager of North Forty Corporaton, who, in turn own Alderbrook. On our tour we were totally impressed with the plant they have established and the safety standards they implemented with the Department of Ecology, and the zero defect monitoring and recording of plant operation. At the height of season, on last year's Fourth of July weekend, their system never rose above 80% of capacity in the face of over 3000 guests visiting the property.




We've Been to School!


February 27 and 28 marked the annual Shellfish Grower's Conference held at Alderbrook Inn.  This conference is sponsored by Washington Sea Grant.  Ms. Teri King has been the backbone of this informative meeint that brings to the table all the statistics and trends of our shellfish resources.  Most importantly we study the trends of  bacterial events past and future.


Shortly thereafter, we travelled to Portand for the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Commission Pac-Rim conference. This more global meeting reviews the science of what needs to be done to apply the FDA model ordinance to state and regional operations.  This group is a consortium of federal regulators, state officials in health and industry stackholders.  Gold Coast was selected to represent the industry for the fall meeting.





Previews of Coming Attractions


It's been a while since we've had a newsletter and there is more that needs to be covered.  Stay tuned for another newsletter shortly.


-Report on demoaic acid

Shrimp season YAY!

- Indicatrions of shellfish growth over the recent year.






It's that time of the year


It has been a LONG winter!  Hard to believe last year we set a record with an 89 degree day in April!!  But we have the daylight as well as the daylight low tides now.  How exciting is that?  Spring WILL come.  


As you will see in this newsletter, there has been a moving target of playing tribal "fencing and plateau negiotiation games"  (See the next article) as well as what we see to be a cooler and better spring and summer season for safe and healthy shellfish work.  Rest assured, our business mission remains unwaiveringly consistent:


- We are focused on sustainability, continued beach improvement, and re-seeding

- Our crew are tax-paying co-workers with decades of experience working in the industry and for Gold Coast.

- We protect the integrity of private property, YOUR property, to the fullest extent of the law.  What benefits us benefits you - the way it should be.


This winter we have seen rogue operators abound with offers for quick cash payments for your oysters or a sellout to the Skokomish tribe, using your property and your cultivated resources.  We have seen where these shadow operators do not use documented labor nor manage their crew hands on.  


As a beach owner you must decide.  Is it about the money or is it about the legacy and the future.  The choices are clear and Gold Coast is the choice for those that want to preserve a legacy and we'll help you do it.


Enough said!




The Tribal Midnight Madness Trading Society:


The more things change the more they stay the same.  Standing Rock was an excellent example where "say one thing and do another' was never more apparent.  If you access the link below it becomes apparent that the protests about the pipeline were also pleas for fuel contributions.  Accountability was also lacking in the "ecology" department - aka; garbage pickup





Closer to home near Union, there was a recent tribal pick at the Blue Heron condominium complex in accordance with the "usual and accustomed" tribal treaty rights and cultural traditions.


Gold Coast was approached  by several tribal individualsand non tribal family members to buy product "under the table".  In the considerable noise and mayhem that night the folks on the beach were not just limited to tribal members but any members of the family, tribal or not, that wanted to do the work.


Was anybody really counting?  How thorough and complete was the tagging of the product?  The tribe insists they are 'self governing' - really?


What is consistent are these facts:


1. Gold Coast has been negiotating with the tribe for an operating agreement for three years and the tribe continues to change the playing field and interpretation of the 2008 Shellfish Implementation Plan.

2. The tribe does not act on opportunties to work their "share" of identified properties we have identified for them.  Properties have been put on hold for as long as four years.  We now realize that the tribe will only operate on their terms and in their own timeframe on these private properties.

3.  Cultivated beaches are no longer considered "cultivated" anymore.  Did somebody change the Federal Shellfish Implementaton Plan??



This spring we finally established some sense of clarity with this proposal we received from Skokomish legal.  Somehow we thought a tactical plan, properly supervised and managed, would work for all.   We were wrong!  Click on the link below!



Read this link carefully!



OK, so what is this telling us? 


1. Your tidelands are not yours any more.  They want to subpoena neighbors about how you use the beach and potentially claim to previous cultivated product.  They want to take your shellstock that typically can be used to attract re-seed and take it.

2. They want to employ their interpretation of a "proxy survey". This is where the "best" portion of the beach is applied unilaterally to all sections of your tideland.  Half is not really "half".

3. The final point of interest is the closing statement of the proposal where their preference would be for the state to agree to a "global takeover" of private beaches.  Less work that way and you don't have to deal with beach owners.


This sheer presumptive arrogance flies in the face of the fact that property owners pay the taxes, take the liability, and by deed own the property. More than once this spring, we've been informed that "the tribe will determine their half", and that any opposition will result in a prompt lawsuit.


As long as our state agencies pander to the tribes and as long as the public chooses to accept what comes, the sooner our private beaches will be a thing of the past.  So do you care?


What is not as publially stated is the alternative solution:  "

Save us the work of us taking you to federal court and simply pay us off.  Yes, folks, that's called racketeering. 


State agencies are equally fearful of lawsuits.  It is easier to capitulate than get sued.  It really does not matter that the tax paying public are the ones that are being sold out.


But wait, there's more!  Any Mason County taxpayer, especially those on the water, might be wondering about the relentless rise in property taxes.  Investigation reveals that indeed the Skokomish tribe does not have to pay for their fire and schools 


Folks, the only way this landscape changes is to take your property back.  It starts with knowing what your rights are under the law and not 'presuming' what the truth is.  You need to make your opinions known to

our elected officials  








Make your dollars count.  If you disagree with the tone of the tribal "entitlements" then quit going to the tribal casino and the tribal convenience store.  Most importantly, write your elected officials and insist on redress.


We''re not talking prejudice here  we're just talking about an even playing field and protection of private property.



Let's get Postive!  Sometimes we get weary of the contention and governmental interference that is part of what we must do to thrive and survive.  Then there is the story of Mr. Chung Nguyen, owner of two teriyaki restaurants and one of our valued clients.


In addition to the Viet Nam conflict itself, Mr. Nguyen survived the atrocities arising from the era in Viet Nam from 1975 to 1981.  His final decision to leave the country was the result of communist civil and military takeover.  This was not a kind and gentle time.   As a refugee with no family he was transported from Thailand to Indonesia and elected to stake his life and future in the United States.


Through the generosity of Tim Ryan of Tim Ryan Construction in Poulsbo, Chung was sponsored by their family and began to form a new life. His sponsoring family and Tim's son Kevin took him in like a brother and Chung was introduced to the language, lifestyle and culture of a solid American family.  Part of the new life included working on a fish cannery operation in Alaska, and time spent at Washington State University.   Chung's personal story is compelling and almost beyond belief.  It puts into perspective what we often take for granted in this country.






Chung is a quick study.  He has invested in real estate, including his lovely home property in Seabeck.  In addition he owns, as he puts it, "my piece of heaven", which is a large piece of virgin waterfront on the Toandos Peninsula, looking fully into the Olympics.  It is here that the magic of water, mountains, beach, and aquaculture all come together.  He even has a "shellfish nursery" at the Seabeck residence along with his wife Truong Oanh and his son.  We have never met anyone who so much embraces the philosophy of responsible shellfish management, and lives that vision.  Most of all Mr. Nguyen and his family are truly remarkable, generous, kind, and ethical people in every respect.




If you are in the Silverdale area there is no better and authentic cuisine than Chung's Teriyaki.   March 15th was the grand opening date for his second restaurant, Chung's Express, next to the Bremerton ferry landing and accessible to ferry riders and the shipyard clientele.  You can't miss it if you are in the vehicle loading area.


As a final note, his neighbor in Seabeck is the Ryan family and Tim Ryan Construction built and put finishing touches on Chungs Express.


It is, after all, about relationships!


See more at www.chungsteriyaki.com












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