Freedom Fest 2017

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The fun starts at 1:00 PM at East 8260 Highway 106 (The Allen property) which is one mile east of Alderbrook Inn.  Parking is quite limited so you may want to arrange carpool arrangements with family and friends.

Please email or call Gold Coast or Bill Allen about your intent to enjoy this special day.  A headcount allows us to plan our logistics for the beach area, etc.  Please call Gold Coast at 360-426-0379 or Bill at 425-766-4848.  You can come for the afternoon, evening, or both; just let us know

The area is not pet friendly due to a blind corner on the highway and the number of guests on property.  If you must bring your pet, you are responsible for it's well being and cleanup.

We will have the Backlash classic rock band back again playing all those favorites from the sixties, seventies and eighties.

The Gold Coast barge will be hovering around the property and will of course have it's own brand of music entertaining the canal.  Want to take a ride?

Please bring your own beverages and a side dish to contribute.  There will be BBQ's available for you to use if you have something you want to prepare.  We will be having supper between 6 to 8 PM.

Bring your own beverages please.  There is plenty  of great spring water on property.  Also we ask you bring your own drinking containers.  We will have plenty of paper goods otherwise.

If you and your kids want to enjoy the water bring some extra folding chairs, floaties and life vests.  Please keep the kids away from the fireworks and we ask you not set off any on the property.

At or about 9:30 we will bring everyone together for a proper observance of this special day followed by the BEST fireworks show on the canal.  You can come by boat if you are a "North Shore" type, and anchor off shore.

It's that time of the year


The July 4th holiday represents all that's good about our country.  So we take a break and wash up our "versatile vessel, aka "THE GOLD COAST BARGE" and send out our call to honor our country.  You will hear us, you will see us,  NOW JOIN US


July 1 is the date of our 5th FREEDOM FEST to be held on the Allen property, E 8260 Highway 106.  You can come by boat, bike or whatever but SAVE THE DATE NOW!!  We are doing this SATURDAY so weekenders can be part of it and still get back home for their neighborhood celebration on the following Tuesday.


THE BARGE symbolizes tradition, hard work, hands on management,  and good times.  You will see this old school vessel other times of the year on a shoreline near you.  Our crew are documented tax paying residents of Mason County and will be part of our celebration. 


Yes, we grow seed!  What's good for the timber industry makes sense: reseed, replant, restore!


 Yes, there is value in those oyster shells.  We reseed our properties by providing shell stock that will have babies attached.  We believe this is responsible aquaculture.


So the barge represents what is best in tradition, private property protection and aquaculture!  Don't you want to be part of it?


As a beach owner should you not insist on this standard of ecological responsibility?





Got YOUR Gold Coast Gear Yet?

It's not too late!  We still have T-shirts, hoodies, and windbreakers with the BEST DAMN logo around. Be a living part of what we do.  Call the Gold Coast office at 360-426-0379 and get yours today!





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