Fall 2017







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Highlights and updates for Beach Owners:


Yes Halloween is behind us but there are things that seem to go bump in the night.  Low tides are now during hours of darkness.  We (and other operators) are expereincing extensive runs of poaching of tidelands.  Is it tribal?  Is it vandals?  Is it undocumented operators?  All we know if that beaches that should be ripe for harvest are suddenly barren with obvious work having been done. 


Think about this:  A theft of our resources is also a theft of yours!  So what can you do?  Some suggestions:

1.  Gold Coast makes every effort to protect your property  but we can't be there 24/7.  If you or a neighbor sees activity you should see who it is and contact either Fish and Game or the State Patrol. 


2.  Any operator on a property is REQUIRED to possess a harvest certificate on THAT parcel they operate on.


3.Tribes are required to provide a minimum two week notification to any property owner of their intention to inspect a property.  Gold Coast, of course, is your point of control on any of this assuming we are working with you as your vendor, and we ensure any "survey" is done with our oversight and approval.  We don't just 'give away' your beach.


4.  We make a policy of ensuring you are fully aware of any activity our crew may be undertaking on your property   


 I ran recently into a property owner (not our client) who had product left right on his patio with a tag of some kind on it.  He had no idea who it was; but just commented 
that both he and his neighbor were missing years' worth of product.  He made no report stating "he did not want to start any type of trouble".


Friends, every year your tidelands that you pay a lot of tax money on, are being threatened from every angle.  Money in oysters brings out any number of rogue operators.  Our department of Health is not on our or your side as their first responsibility is to ensure the tribes' interests are not violated.


If you care about your family legacy and having a beach to use in the future, you need to protect it!!


On another angle: 


Gold Coast has lost a couple clients recently.  Upon investigation we learn "the other guy gave us a better deal".  


So let's raise a few questions that have a grave impact on your property:


1. How much you get for the current oysters you have is the least of it.  What about reseediing as opposed to simply stripping the beach?  What about controlling preditors?  What about grooming and optmizing your beach for cultivation?  What about sanitary practices?  Would you want a guest getting sick from infection coming from product off your beach?  What about registerinig your beach as a commercially cultivated farm, so you have some tribal protection and don't have to give it away?  And the final zinger -- What about the workers?  Are they registered with Labor and Industries?  If they get hurt are YOU protected from a liability? 




If you are serious about doing the math, Gold Coast remains your only long term partner that will keep your valued property producing for generatons -protected, safe and productive for you and yours.  We provide the BEST value for anybody that is in this for the long haul.






What a Summer!


We had the weather even if it got a little smoky at times.  Hope you enjoyed this season as much as Gold Coast did!  Our Freedom Fest V brought over 100 visitors to the Allen Point beach for a full day of water fun, good ole fashion rock n roll music on both the beach and the barge.   In 2018 we will do it again for July 7th, so mark your calendar now!


nullScott and Bill going through the playlist.  Will three Mackie speakers and two amps be enough?







Dancin' all afternoon to the Backlash band playing the old classics!







All aboard for the music barge ride!  It's all about a patriotic celebration!





http://files.constantcontact.com/b7070fb1101/824202e4-33ee-48a3-86af-0bb66edad901.jpgYes you can hear it up, down and across the canal










Yep, let 'er rip






And, finally, time for the show!



http://files.constantcontact.com/b7070fb1101/67a2b6fb-d3ef-4123-a639-b50a582789ee.jpgOver an hour for the best fireworks on the canal.  One intermission to play a patriotic tribute.  Click the link below and enjoy!



Reagan's soldier's pledge


(You may have to reload the newsetter after playing this) 








The Tribal Update - A Work in Process!



For well over a year now, Gold Coast has been involved in legal negiotiations with the Skokomish tribe over their "right" to half of the naturally occurring shellfish.  This is old news.


Twice we have come to an agreement to find that the written version is suddenly totally different in text meaning and has left out many sections that would have made the dispute clear and reasonable.  So Gold Coast welcomed the opportunity to mediate in Federal Court recently.  We actually agreed on most points.  There are a few others to work out.  Ironically we found that the tribal representatives were unable to validate our agreement, having to "get permission" from the tribal counsel to validate our work to date.  This did not set well with the mediator, but we will give the final points another lick next month. 


Our preliminary agreement outlined the process by which the tribal staff would conduct any inspections, work with us, determine a timetable to survey or move on and allow Gold Coast to continue doing it's cultivation without interference.  The objective was to have a crisp, timed process to work and set expectations for all, including beach owners.  Lately the tribe has said "we really don't want to do the surveysHellooo?  If you would like to see the preliminary settlement, shoot us an email and we will fill you in on the details..to date at least!


One final item of old news.  If you were looking for a fishing area on the Skokomish river this last year you were probably disappointed.  The following article explains:


Skokomish river closure



If this set of events if disturbing to you, contact the Puget Sound Anglers for more informaton. Their website is www.pugetsoundanglers.org









State Government in action - Not!


The Washington State department of Health is "always working for a safer Washington".   They are the folks to whom Gold Coast and other shellfish operators report to for licensing, regulatory oversight and compliance with what is called the Federal Model Ordinance.  In layman's language they ensure we meet FDA mandates and guidelines.  


On the back end of the process there is mandate to keep the tribes informed of all shellfish activity on the part of the industry.  It really concerns avoiding lawsuits from the tribes.  The health rationale is secondary here.


Gold Coast has no issue with cooperating with the spirit of the shellfish implementation plan, nor do we have any issue with reporting legitimate sales or "landings data" is it is called.  What we will continue to fight for is the privacy of your property and confidiantiality of what has been sold or transferred from individual parcels.  We are currently steadfastly in the position, along with a few other independent companies, where we will report total data by growing area, but must insist on protecting the individual property owner's informaton from public record request view.  


There is more!  We recently had a "summit meeting" with the management of DOH to address this subject along with guidelines for water inspections on private property and a host of other issues. One key issue here was informing a property owner first if DOH staff entered property to take water inspecton samples. 


Who has the authority and "rights" to be on your tideland?  The DOH database is littered with duplications and errors and literally has many properties where multiple shellfish operators could legally enter your tideland.  You can call them with your parcel number and find out.  The link is below for the shellfish division.


Gold Coast has pledged to you that your property is confidential and we will work to keep it that way.  Do you agree?  If you feel this is important we ask for your support by writing to your state representative and/or the shellfish division of DOH.


Contact Dan Griffey or 


DOH Shellfish Program Management


In the meantime DOH has committed to forming a shellfish advisory committee composed of those of us in the industry.  We hope to see this come to fruition early in 2018.












It is NOT too early to get ready for next year!  As our gift to you, we have obtained some TIDE GUIDES with our information on them for 2018.


Quantities are limited!  Call or email for your complementary one NOW!





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