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On February 7th the Skokomish tribe hosted a "meet and confer" at their new tribal center.  A side note must  be made about the design of this impressive structure.  No expense spared to create grandeur and authenticity(with our tax money, of course)  While the meeting was public, the notification of it was restricted to government agencies, attorneys, both state and tribal, and a few of us shellfish operators.

It soon became apparent that "meet and confer" was "meet and intimidate".  The tribal attorney set the tone by a long litany of where "tribal rights" would be enforced and stepped up.  The"ask" (or better stated "demand") was that access be granted to owner's lands by land as well as water.  Obviously this did not sit well with non tribal people present, including Gold Coast. Do you want strangers crossing your property?  After much verbal pushing and shoving, the meet and confer concluded with a tribally hosted lunch and a commitment to continue the "meet and confer" in a sixty day period. 

Bill Allen, general manager for Gold Coast,  wrote the following analysis to the tribal attorney, Earle Lees after the meeting:

There is much left to be discussed.  Property owners and shellfish operators alike are tired at being threatened and pushed around.  We are also in opposition to the constant changes of interpretation regarding the application of the shellfish implementation plan.  Finally we are fed up with the one size fits all formulas that are used to determine "half" of the population along with the disregard of the intent of Section 6 of the plan.  Despite your claim to use the state system for determining shellfish density, you use your own versions of proxy samples with "bands", whatever they are.  Finally, it was evident from the initial invitation list the meeting was purposed to "unload the bus" on the real subject of tribal rights, as perceived by the tribe.



We obviously had it wrong!  This was no "meet and confer".  As property owners be aware that your property rights are at risk.


  From the tribal perspective, it's easier for them to have the shellfish operator do a population assessment and provide payment for the tribal entitlement.  Why do the work?  The same, of course, is true with a beach owner not under a cultivation contract like Gold Coast.  Get out your checkbook, pay up and you maybe will be left along for a while!  If you have any questions about the details of the tribal turmoil feel free to contact us.  





Welcome to 2018--Finally!

Bill Allen

General Manager

Gold Coast Oyster


I will fall on my sword for the lack of communication over the last few months.  Our "quarterly" newsletter has now lapsed to six months.  Certainly a bad habit we (I ) don't wish to repeat.  We want to emphasize we are here for you.  Call me at 425-766-4848 if there exist ANY questions or issues we can assist you with.


We closed out the year with our grand celebration of "all things shellfish"  with our presence at Elliott's New year for the sixth year.   This year we featured our signature product, the petite Gold Creek. 


We don't get so much into pretty shapes tumbling bags and the "boutique" aspect of this event.  We know the beneficiaries are the Puget Sound Restoraton Fund, and that complements what we're about as a company.  Our mission is unchanged; top quality, TRUE sustainable cultivation of client beaches, and protection of privacy.  We support the Restoration fund because they do great things:


Puget Sound Restoration Fund home page




Many of these Gold Creeks came from Allen Point where the freshwater creek adds that tangy zest to the product.  YUM!




The Brad and Bill show commands danger for anybody near to the shucking table!  Seriously, thanks to Chef Spaulding for his staff assistence.



It's been a mad rush since then.  "All things shellfish" turned into "all things tribal" very quickly; some of it could even be described as "gallows humor".  So read the left column article and we'll get you briefed on the past and present.


During the spring we've had lots of "biology" sessions and input from our regulatory friends at the state and federal level.  We just concluded the Pac Rim conference at Semiahmoo where Bill Allen was selected from the industry as a board member.  Pac Rim is that arm of the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference  that oversees federal requirements and best practices.  Gold Coast is proud to be on the leading edge of these policies.  The month before we attended the Shellfish Grower's conference hosted by Washington Sea Grant at Alderbrook Inn.  This is always full of new and ecologically significant trends.


Pac Rim conference


A hidden agenda at the Pac Rim conference item here was to better streamline and integrate the services and controls provided by the Washington State Department of Health.  This remains a "work in process".  The future of the small grower like Gold Coast is at stake.  Rogue operators not only undercut our business, but they degrade the entire industry. There has been some turnover at that agency and we are hoping it will be for the good.  Our inspection last week left us with an optimistic outlook.




http://files.constantcontact.com/b7070fb1101/fe5a87c5-a587-462b-927a-5fc62a76058d.jpgSo where has the boss been?  Pictured to the left is a smiling Scott Grout and some very fresh Hood Canal spot shrimp.  OK there is ONE more date left in May!  Will you join us?  We will be up at the Brinnon seed and staging facility.  Call for directions!







The famous barge gets a rest at the end of a wonderful shrimp day.  






But soon.......Circle your calendar for Freedom Fest.  Sooner than you think!  July 7th is the date!!!  More to follow!



















We were wondering why we lost a couple clients over the course of the winter.  The answer here is being aware of who your friends are!  Let us explain:


 Not every operator is on your side!  Denotta and Rudy's for starters, have made a "deal" with the Skokomish tribe where they will harvest YOUR beach, then sell YOUR product to the tribe, giving you a VERY SMALL SHARE to the total proceeds.  Does less than half of half really make sense?  We don't think so either.  Oh, and one final note:  Our crews are all tax paying bonded employees.  Our cost of operation is a little more but isn't your peace of mind worth it?


An alternative course is to do it the Gold Coast Way:  Let us work with the tribe to do a population assessment,  provide them one opportunity to inspect (with us supervising)!, submit a cultivation plan (protecting your beach) and then continue to enhance your property as a cultivated property (providing restoration and seed).   We maintain your

 privacy as well as your product.





We still have a few 2018 TIDE GUIDES with our information on them 


Quantities are limited!  Call or email for your complimentary one NOW!







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