Freedom Fest 2018

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"Biosolids and You", aka Bio Recycle
Driving down both McReavy and Brockdale road, you can't miss some blue signs advertising "NO SEPTIC LAGOON".  So what is this all about?  Ten years ago, Bill Allen personally battled an infection that came from the canal.  At the time there was a pointed finger at the Webb Hill 'ranch' which is  a 380 acre area where septic poo is sprayed and has been since 1986.  Ten years ago we had the Department of Ecology  investigate the processes involved in applying biosolids and at that time they ordered application using an "agrinomic" model.  In simple terms the poo needs to be absorbed not just run off.  While the infection did not come from Bio Recycle, it focused attention on many causes and effects of deteriorating water quality in Hood Canal AND potentially failing septic tanks as well as Bio Recycle's ability to handle the volume.Their mandated application model has worked for several years, especially with t he acquisition of the old OLympia brewery storage tanks that gave Bio Recydle better "warehousing" capability.  Fast forward to now.  More capacity is needed and the State Department of Ecology mandated Bio Recycle address capacity limits.This is being done with the approval of a 17 million gallon "lagoon" in a portion ofthe 380 acre "ranch".A "no septic lagoon" Facebook page has been ranging with objectons to the lagoon.  Recently a meeting at the Hood Canal Improvement Club brought forth all the best minds of ecology science behind the proposal.  We were encouraged by the fact the lagoon will have only treated "liquids".  The "solids" are being transported elsewhere.  Are we thrilled with having poo farm in our back yard?  Not really!  However the safeguards and methods used in the proposal are well conceived.  We're hoping ultimately to take septage well away from the canal and any water sources!  Renewal of the Bio Recycle permit will be in 2020.  Will you be involved in the discussion?


 Freedom Fest 2018!!

Saturday, July 7

Allen point

E. 8260 SR 106 Union, WA


                It's here!  Our 6th annual FreedomFest show!

  Come for the day, come for the evening, or come in the morning and stay until the fireworks light up the night sky!

                             But don't miss it!


The Gold Coast signature barge will of course be back with more rockin' tunes.  If you did not get a barge ride last year, don't miss getting one this year.  Bring ear plugs- if you need.

Let's ROCK the canal again this year!


For the landlovers- The band Backlash will be playing  those favorite sing-along tunes up on the grass.  Bring your lawn chair and relax with a cold beverage. Bring your own beverages or donate a few bucks and get a tasty adult beverage from the tiki-hut. Donation will be used to make sure this show continues for years and years!

       Somebody said something about a little cornhole too.

It's a Mexican Fiesta this year!

Steak tacos and homemade salsa and chips

 + some yummy side dishes.

Your potluck items are welcome.



             The ultimate festivities will begin at dusk. 

For those of you who have been here before you can expect a                                   BETTER show.  

Of course we will begin the traditional way with the pledge to our country and the flag.


Here are a few details!


1. Parking is very limited and the state patrol will NOT tolerate cars parked on any of the right of way.  You CAN park off site, perhaps at the community church and carpool to and from.  

2.  Please leave your pets at home.  The Allen property is on a corner, close to the highway.  Even with the gate closed we can't be responsible for accidents that could happen.  We'd hate to see one evening spoil a lifetime relationship with your best friend.    

3. Bring folding chairs along with your favorite beverages.  We will have loads of artisian water here but if you have specific beverages you want to bring please do so.  The goal is to celebrate and have a great time.  Don't ruin it for people by getting obnoxious or drunk - it will not be tolerated.

4. This show is the Gold Coast gift to our clients and the community.  IF and only IF you are inclined, we will have a donation box to help defray the fireworks cost.  This is NOT obligatory. 

5. If you are coming let one of us know.  A headcount helps with planning.


We can't wait to see you here!  Questions?  Call or text Scott 360-490-4964, text Ginger at 360-490-5585 or call Bill Allen at 425-766-4848

 where has the boss been?  Pictured to the left is a smiling Scott Grout and some very fresh Hood Canal spot shrimp.  OK there is ONE more date left in June!  Will you join us?  We will be up at the Brinnon seed and staging facility.  Call for directions!







The famous barge gets a rest at the end of a wonderful shrimp day.



Primary elections are around the corner!  Gold Coast wanted to highlight a few people who have worked extra hard to listen, respond and protect our industry.  


1. Rep. Dan Griffey


What a job, Dan!  You have been there for us.  You helped with our tussles with the Depatment of Health (ongoing) and answer the call.  


2. Rep Drew MacEwan


Thanks for your hard work and your answers, Drew.  You are also a friend of the industry and a fresh light at the end of a dark tunnel of bureaucracy and progress ive red tape.


3. Ken Shutty, Mason Commissioner


Thanks, Ken for making yourself available and trying your best to slice through the Mason County bureaucratic "cant" and 'wont'.  It's a tough challenge, as we're not convinced the other commissioners are as committed to efficiency and best practices.


4.  The "boobird" award goes to two people:  Our esteemed attorney general, sideshow Bob Ferguson,  is a lot more interested in  pandering to his buddy Jay than focusing on STATE LEVEL needs.  Dan Griffey is going to be competing with the guy who has been the economic development director for Mason County, Mr Lawrence Thomas, who has stated in committee that "the public voice does not matter".  And Thomas wants to be a state representative????


 We have one final plug for a candididate for Superior Court judge in Mason County.  Mr Eric Valley is a qualified passionate advocate for the public good.  A grassroots resident of Mason County, Eric is dynamic, thoughtful and very knowledgable of the law.  He will make a great judge.





We still have a few 2018 TIDE GUIDES with our information on them 


Quantities are limited!  Call or email for your complimentary one NOW!







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